Consequences of being on the Clinton list

The entrance List Clinton it results in the analysis between the FBI and DEA, who after Exchange of information on people and companies, they sent their results to the Office of foreign assets Control (OFAC), whom, at the same time, They depend on the Department of the Treasury for, At last, make a list of people and companies that could have revenue generated by drug trafficking and money laundering.

Once issued this list, the first action to be taken by other American entrepreneurs is end any commercial nexus that have or may have with people and companies that appear on the Clinton List.

Also, the capital held by these individuals and companies in the United States are seized or frozen. In this way, Clinton appear on the list is becoming a commercial excluded around the world, Since other countries used the information contained in this list to clean up its own list of clients.

This means that those who appear in the Clinton List They are condemned to a "commercial death", as a research agent would affirm it. In addition, He added that while in Colombia there is no rule that slow down the business activities of these companies, the truth is that many are Yes relegated.

The agent said that this is because other veto multinational corporations to individuals and businesses involved "because they must report what its suppliers, but at the local or regional level some companies continue to do business normally”.

In Colombia there more of 1000 people and 800 companies related to the Clinton list, of which, an important part has lodged legal action because even though they do not have any injunction, Yes they have suffered from the huge negative consequences of the accusation.

Although the Clinton List has been identified as capricious and unjust, a judicial tool remains quite used in regard to conducting commercial transactions currently.


Consequences of being on the Clinton list
Consequences of being on the Clinton list
El procedimiento para darle "muerte comercial" a company or person, It begins with an investigation by the DEA and the FBI, after its final report, the information is sent to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), whom, at the same time, depend Treasury Department, to be attached on the list and then be seized its goods and frozen their capital.
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