United States vs. “The office of Envigado”: the Seine narrows

With the extradition of Ericson Cardona Vargas to the United States, the so-called criminal network “the office of Envigado” It has restructured its dome, and, every time that illegal activity has not ceased, American Justice has shifted focus toward the new Presidents of the criminal organization.

To do this, the Treasury Department has made use of its “Clinton list”, a directory of individuals and companies related to proceeds of drug trafficking.

The director Office of asset Control, Adam J. Szumbin, It has indicated that it they have included 8 new names of members of “the office of Envigado” that you still control through proxies to numerous companies, properties and funds investigated by American judges.

The direct and immediate consequence of this inclusion in the “Clinton list” It is that all assets that are related to persons included in the list, They are frozen in the territory of the United States.

Listing of ringleaders newly included in the “Clinton list”

All of them, that from now on you are under the supervision of the Department of the Treasury, they happened to have greater responsibilities in the criminal network after the extradition of Diego Murillo Bejarano (alias “Berne”) and after the delivery to the DEA's other characters as Carlos Mario Aguilar (alias “Rogelio”). It is of the following leaders:

  • Juan Carlos Mesa Vallejo, alias “Carlos Chata”. His nickname refers to the combo that trafficked vaccines in Bello, Antioquia, where are also responsible for numerous killings.
  • Diego Alberto Muñoz Agudelo, alias “Diego Chamizo”.
  • Rubiel Medina Cardona, alias “Mono Amalfi”.
  • Didier De Jesús Ríos López, alias “Tuto”.
  • Edinson Rodolfo Rojas, alias “Pichi”.
  • Julian Andrey Gonzalez Vasquez alias “Barny”, to who the police believe the new boss of the Organization After the capture of Ericson Cardona Vargas “Sebastian”. Currently fled justice and believed implicated in the murder of the policemen Sergio Castro and Franklin Moreno by four assassins motor the 12 July of 2012 on the outskirts of the Botanical Garden of the municipality of Medellín.
  • Jesus David Hernandez Grisales, alias “Chaparro” (who tried to erase fingerprints with a knife).
  • Freyner Alonso Ramirez Garcia, alias “Charles Manger”.

The last two are captured and in custody in Colombia, but according to the United States continue to commit crimes from prison. In the case of “Crib”, managed to dodge the police during 20 years until his capture in 2013.

It was a very relevant criminal underworld of Medellin and played in the urban militias of the guerrillas during the Decade of the years 90, to roast then to integrate the United Self-Defense of Colombia, that was never demobilized.

Both before and after the peace process with paramilitaries, “Crib” exerted control of the communes 7 and 13 Medellin, where was it intended to pass as benefactor of the community.

The consequences of that property and the fortunes of the members of the criminal network known as “the office of Envigado” are in the crosshairs of the Department of the Treasury of the United States consist of that the criminal organization will be more difficult to establish commercial ties and launder their funds. In addition, leaders can be sentenced to fines of up to 1.700 millions of dollars.

For the business managers that act as proxies, penalties can reach to the 30 years in prison and economic sanctions up to 5 millions of dollars.

United States vs. "La oficina de Envigado": the Seine narrows
United States vs. "La oficina de Envigado": the Seine narrows
The director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control, Adam J. Szumbin, It has indicated that they are included 8 nuevos nombres de integrantes de "la oficina de Envigado" that you still control through proxies to numerous companies, properties and funds investigated by American judges.
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