Included in the Clinton list to “Don Evaristo”

The Treasury Department of the United States recently announced the inclusion of José Evaristo Castillo Linares, alias "Don Evaristo" to the List Clinton as specially designated drug trafficker (SDNT). This measure, Linares goods will be seized and any commercial and financial relationship will be automatically blocked.

Evaristo Linares was arrested last 25 may of 2012, accused of running a drug trafficking established in Villavicencio, which oversees the development and air shipment of cocaine from Colombia and Venezuela to Mexico and United States. Also, He is accused of having links with the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC)

Through these linkages and their relationship with Colombian drug lords as Pedro Oliviero and Daniel Barrera Barrera is that Don Evaristo Linares managed to become one of the most powerful cocaine trafficking by air assets in the region.

In central America, Linares kept ties with Guatemalan and Honduran criminal organizations, While in Mexico it had links with Los Zetas and the Sinaloa Cartel.

According to the director of the Office of foreign assets Control (OFAC), Adam J. Szubin:

"The organization Linares Castillo is an important food source for many violent drug cartels that exploit Central American countries, vulnerable as transit points key for the transport of narcotics to Mexico for distribution in the United States ".

The extradition to United States Linares Castillo is still pending, While from the 14 of June of 2011 It weighs a formal drug trafficking and washing charge of assets issued by the Southern District of Florida.

Incluyen en la Lista Clinton a "Don Evaristo"
Incluyen en la Lista Clinton a "Don Evaristo"
"Don Evatisto" or Evaristo Linares Castillo was arrested last 25 may of 2012, for leading a drug trafficking organization established in Villavicencio, so the Treasury Department United States announced its inclusion in the Clinton List, pending his extradition to the United States.
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