Update on the trial of taxi drivers involved in the Watson case

The evidence of the defense of the seven drivers involved in the murder of DEA agent They seek the prosecution before the Colombian justice and not American, He is arguing that what happened was in national territory. However the Supreme Court decided to reject those arguments.

According to the Attorney General, Eduardo Montealegre, even if the crime occurred in the country, one can not deny the status of Watson agent, as internationally protected person, under diplomatic protection, which entitle the American justice.

For his part, defense attorney, Miguel Ramírez He said it would be something serious that the Court endorse these extraditions. "If someone is driving your vehicle, runs over and kills a protected internationally agent would also be supposed to be extradited”, he commented.

Attorney and lawyers have five days to continue their arguments. The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice You should assess the next requests as time ends to make the final decision on whether the extradition process complies with the law or not.

If applicable, Gerardo Figueroa Sepúlveda, Omar Fabián Valdés Gualtero, Edgar Murillo Javier Bello, Héctor Leonardo López, I was Julio Ramirez and Andres Gracia Alvaro Garcia Oviedo, They would have to answer for murder two, kidnapping and conspiring to kidnap, before a court in Virginia. Wilson Daniel Peralta Bocachica, He is accused of destroying evidence associated with the process.

Performance of prosecutors

It was the same prosecutor who formally requested to become effective extradition of those involved to the United States. News took him by surprise, as It is not uncommon for a prosecutor to be involved in such procedures.

"We considered the Article 35 of the Colombian Constitution only prohibits the extradition of nationals in two cases, when it comes to political crimes and when it comes to crimes committed before the effective date of the legislative act which restored extradition in Colombia ", Montealegre said.

The fiscal, He also postulated that the death of a DEA agent threatens the continuity of the program mutual cooperation between the US and Colombia.

We must await the judgment and take into account that President Juan Manuel Santos has the power to grant or not such extradition.

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Update on the trial of taxi drivers involved in the Watson case
Update on the trial of taxi drivers involved in the Watson case
The defense of taxi drivers involved in the case of murder of DEA agent asking to be judged under Colombian law, not US, alleging that what happened was in national territory. The Supreme Court has spoken about denying those arguments.
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