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Fundamental human rights and the Clinton list

Although the List Clinton It is an important tool for the fight against drug trafficking and money laundering, the truth is that many people are arbitrarily included, i.e., not even sure if they have real ties to this crime.

In Colombia there are many cases of people who appear on the Clinton list and they don't know the reasons, being violated their basic human rights such as the right to work, to education, the good name and even health.

This has been expressed many Colombian writers and columnists, such as Libardo Orejuela who says that with the arbitrary inclusion list Clinton

"it violates due process, because without that in the country there is a sentence, not even a criminal investigation, their economic freedoms will disappear to those affected, your right to privacy, the good name, their right to recognition of their legal personality and equality".

For columnist The country From Cali, Jorge Restrepo:

"the person who falls into this list, It is not beyond the law or has been accepted here by Congress, It is a civil dead without any defense, because the presumption of innocence does not fit into it. There is no charge. There is no process. There is no evidence to rebut. Nothing".

For its part, Juan Gabriel Vasquez, columnist for El Espectador, He points out that the Clinton list "it's a grotesque attack against Colombian sovereignty, In addition to a fearsome bearer of injustice".

Added to this, the Ombudsman You can only advise citizens included in the list of Clinton. In addition, North American organizations that carry these cases do not give access to information but to the imputed person, so the Ombudsman cannot demand information of any kind and is limited to facilitate public defenders.

That is why it is necessary that the person is included advise with lawyers in the Clinton list to get so definitely out of it and that their basic human rights are recognized again in Colombia and United States.

Fundamental human rights and the Clinton list
Fundamental human rights and the Clinton list
There are many cases of people who appear in the Clinton List in Colombia without knowing the reasons, This has made him violate his fundamental rights as work, Greeting and education, among others.
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