The Clinton list and new Colombian members

Recently 12 Colombians were included in the Clinton list, a compilation of people, companies and institutions that are vetoed by the United States Government, by being linked to transactions relating to drug trafficking, as well as the money laundering.

Among the new members of the list are families of the Department of Antioquia, of which include Mejía Alzate family and the family boat Mejía, related with the “Office of Envigado”.

In addition, also included in the Clinton list to 13 companies primarily engaged in mining. The same, the family Guberek, owner of different companies textile and Goldsmith, It was also added to the black list.

In this sense, It is convenient to make a general review of the list, its operation, new members, What means to form part of the list Clinton, what Colombian companies integrate it and what sanctions could be applied against these people.

What is the Clinton list and how it works?

It is an instrument of information use in the financial environment, developed by the The United States Treasury Department. It owes its name to that originated during the term of President Bill Clinton, in the year 1995. Since its inception, the list has had a specific target: veto all those that integrate it, from the economic point of view.

The list also receives the name of List of specially designated nationals (SND), in its acronym in English. Like this, It is a black list which includes people related to drug trafficking and money laundering.

In this way, the American economy is shielded from fraud, Since assets are blocked and are prohibited to set any type of financial relationship with individuals included therein.

It has no character of international law, in the sense that no establishes severe penalties to its members, Yes it may lead to the application of fines and above all, It serves as an instrument of alert for national authorities, in order to develop deep investigations into crimes committed by the members of the list.

Who are the new members?

On this occasion, the American authorities announced the inclusion of several entrepreneurs in the Department of Antioquia. It is mainly two large family groups, whose businesses are linked to the mining.

Initially we found the family Mejía Alzate, with its members: Andres Camilo, José Alejandro, Juan Carlos, Maria Leivy and Victor Gabriel. Relates to them with the Sun square tourist promoter companies, Quarries Copacabana, Tritcon S.A.S. and Almequip S.A.S.

In a second group are members of the family boat Mejía, among those who are: Rodolfo Jesus, Jose Guillermo and José Albeiro, to people who are linked to companies: Ghema business group, Enkor professional and warehouse Guibar.

In addition to these names, It also mentions Freddy queues, to who the Department of the Treasury of United States notes as one of the most important leaders of the named group "the Office".

Days after the inclusion of these citizens of Antioquia, published new names of Colombians who become part of the list Clinton, such is the case of the family Guberek, whose members are mentioned as part of the people vetoed in United States for any kind of financial negotiation.

This inclusion was seen unexpectedly in Colombian society, Since the Guberek are known in the city of Bogotá as a family with businesses dedicated to the textile industry, jewelry, construction and the promotion of Colombian players.

The family members included in the list are: Isaack Guberek and his son Henry, as well as Sara Grimberg Guberek and Arieh, Felipe and Davir Felipe Guberek. They are charged of links with money laundering and drug trafficking, using the name of their companies engaged in different activities, operating with the help of an international network.

Ex-members list

Colombia has been a country highlighted by many members in this famous list that reactivates and updates time. Although the fact of belonging to the list implies a brand's lifetime, It is possible to get out of it, ahead of several procedures that demonstrate the legality of transactions undertaken by persons indicated in the Clinton list.

There's some important Colombians who have left this compilation available, as the Brothers Rodríguez Orejuela, specifically to the sons of Gilberto Rodríguez: Jaime, Humberto and Maria Alexandra Rodriguez Mondragon.

Exit occurred once Attorney they showed total unbinding current to any type of negotiation related to drug trafficking and illicit. However, the output of the list let them exempt meet the sanction by the authorities, so continue in prison.

However, with cases like this, analysts explain that the main benefit of the list is that starting from the financial penalties, are accomplished to remove these serious criminal procedures. Equally the America de Cali Soccer Club, It was also excluded from the list. Its inclusion was due to the link with the case Rodriguez Orijuela.

How to know if it has been included in the Clinton list?

The Clinton list and new Colombian members
The Clinton list and new Colombian members
Recently 12 Colombians were included in the Clinton list, a compilation of people, companies and institutions that are vetoed by the United States Government, by being linked to transactions relating to drug trafficking, and money laundering.
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