Lista Clinton a fondo: what is and how to know if you are included

List Clinton was created in order to incorporate in it the people or companies that have been contact or business with drug lords. It was designed in the year 1995 under the leadership of President Clinton and hence its name.

It is a list that is constantly updated and where they are included all persons or companies that have had ties to drug trafficking around the world. It was a special component that has helped capture the planet's most dangerous drug lords.

Are included names of politicians, journalists, businessmen and ordinary people that in some way they have had ties to the drug trade.

The list has the name originally Specially Designated Narcotics Traffickers List, but he was called by President Clinton List. In Colombia have included companies in the country, politicians, proxies and even some close to President Uribe.

The most famous case was that of America de Cali, where this equipment was included there to receive and manage funds from the Rodriguez Orejuela brothers, Cali cartel. Because of this situation, This football team was unable to receive financial support from sponsors.

Result of inclusion in the list Clinton

When you are on this list, the US government forbids its citizens and businesses make contracts with those who are there. In the case of America of Cali, the fear that haunts prevents domestic firms that procure them, why doing so they may be involved with US justice.

En Internet, on the other hand, abundant information on which states that the president Alvaro Uribe Velez was listed as the drug dealer No. 82, the information is not entirely true. The fonts presented are not entirely reliable.

But nevertheless, as shown by Article Uribe List Spectator portal, the inner circle of politicians and relatives of current senator Uribe throws into question his innocence.

Colombian courts have open processes with almost all political and family leadership of Uribe. Even several ministers are fugitives. In the Clinton List in Colombia include not only the drug traffickers and their front men but also several companies dedicated to different legal business in the country.

We especially if the company CARS & CARS LTDA., in Cali and the Treasury also Novillera in Cali, among others.

For more consultation, you can visit the US portal, Colombian and verify that there are currently in the Clinton list.

Want to know if you or your company is located in the Clinton List?

Lista Clinton a fondo: what is and how to know if you are included
Lista Clinton a fondo: what is and how to know if you are included
Clinton List, It was created by President Bill Clinton in the year 1995, hence its name. Designed to incorporate her people and companies who have made illegal businesses relating to money laundering and drug trafficking.
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