People and the list Clinton recently excluded Colombian companies

Recently, the Government of the United States excluded a large number of Colombian companies and people of the List Clinton. Many of them had been included in this list in the year 2007.

These and other individuals and companies were included in the list of Clinton more than five years ago, What, as once expressed by the head of communications of Copservir (company in the pharmaceutical industry that was included in this list): “It involves a civil and commercial death".

This is because to be included on the Clinton list, There are immediately descertificados to have any relationship or commercial link with U.S. companies. Also, in Colombia is limited any relationship or transaction with the financial system. }

While this measure is used by the Governments of both countries to beat the narco-traffickers and thus stop money laundering, the reality is that many innocent people have been affected by this judicial procedure.

And it is that one of the huge failure of this legal tool is that it is the accused who must prove his innocence, many times after that is extradited and not have the economic resources to pay for a lawyer in the United States.

If you or your company are included in the Clinton list, do not hesitate to communicate with a Attorney that will help you to arrange his departure from that list and will ensure that you can continue or resume with their civil and economic activity.

Below we mention some of the beneficiaries of this exclusion:

  • Gloria Elisa "Lizzy" Briceño

Inversiones y Representaciones S.A (Medellin, Colombia).

Mc Overseas Trading Company S.A. de C.V. (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico).

Lizzy Mundo Interior (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico).

  • Maria Teresa Castaneda Giraldo

Mps Investments S.A.. (Bogotá, Colombia)

Real Estate Projects and Solutions Ltda. (Bogotá, Colombia).

Project Management and Solutions Ltda. (Bogotá, Colombia).

  • Gloria Ines Gaviria wheel

Mor Comercializadora Gaviria S.A. (Quito, Ecuador)

International Property Development S.A.. (Quito, Ecuador)

  • Marco Antonio Gil Garzón

Constructora America S.A. (Bogotá, Colombia)

  • Martin David "Lime" Hodwalker Martinez

Veranillo Dive Center Ltda. (Barranquilla, Colombia).

Martin Hodwalker M. and Cia. S. C. (Barranquilla, Colombia).

Veranillo Yamaha Distributors (Barranquilla, Colombia).

Gemma Development Corporation (City of Panama, Panama).

  • Augusto De Jesus Vasquez Diaz

Florida Soccer Club S.A. (Medellin, Colombia)

  • Silvio Yepes Velez

Hotel La Cascada S.A. (Girardot, Colombia).

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People and the list Clinton recently excluded Colombian companies
People and the list Clinton recently excluded Colombian companies
The government of the United States excluded from the Clinton list a number of individuals and companies of Colombian origin that by the year 2007 They were included in that list, which involved a civil and commercial death for these companies.
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