Lista Clinton a fondo: what is and how to know if you are included

List Clinton was created in order to incorporate in it the people or companies that have been contact or business with drug lords. It was designed in the year 1995 under the leadership of President Clinton and hence its name.

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Regulators look at trade chat rooms as spaces for illegal activities

While chat rooms are not conceived as environments that deploy technology to operate, bank regulators have focused part of their research to these spaces, having interest to abandon their use, They are claiming they are places of exchange of sensitive information about their customers and colleagues.

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Electronic currency: Is it provided for money laundering?

The immediacy, the anonymity and little or no tracking of the e-currency transactions, they play a double role: for many, is a synonym of freedom, for others, You can facilitate the laundering of proceeds of crime.

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Money laundering: preventive measures to be taken companies

Colombia has seen how organized crime networks cause deep damage to their citizenship and projected a negative image of the country.

The various Governments of the nation have signed international conventions to ensure the prosecution of numerous crimes. Following the famous maxim of “follow the money”, the legislation also seeks to pursue the assets derived from criminal activities, preventing your “wash” o “money-laundering” and making the financing of terrorism.

In this context, the past 19 February of the 2014, the Superintendency of companies, dependent of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and tourism, approved the “Circular external 304-000001” It imposes a series of obligations on companies that are already under surveillance.

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Update on the trial of taxi drivers involved in the Watson case

The evidence of the defense of the seven drivers involved in the murder of DEA agent They seek the prosecution before the Colombian justice and not American, He is arguing that what happened was in national territory. However the Supreme Court decided to reject those arguments.

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Consequences of investigations and subpoenas of the OFAC

What are the potential consequences of an investigation of the OFAC?

OFAC sees itself as playing a very important role in protecting the national security of the United States, and therefore it takes its program of sanctions very seriously. Punishes the intentional infringements and those which are purely accidental. When your compliance office deems appropriate, make criminal recommendations to the Department of Justice.

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Collaborate with the OFAC: Companies which have benefited?

Some recent examples suggest that OFAC rewards those who cooperate, with moderate penalties. This is part two of three, in examining the benefits of cooperating with the Office of foreign assets Control (OFAC).

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Potential benefits of cooperating with the OFAC

Recently arrangements in legal proceedings in the civil area have been promoted by the Office of foreign assets Control (OFAC) and these suggest that cover-ups, no crimes, they can lead to strict sanctions.

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