The Clinton list update: 11 people and 18 companies have been removed.

Enter the dreaded list Clinton supposed to deal with burdensome trade sanctions for individuals and companies included in the list. Through it, the United States Department of the Treasury, through its Office of foreign assets Control (OFAC, for its acronym in English) said natural and legal persons who considered that participate or provide services in networks of organized crime, particularly drug trafficking.

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The America de Cali in the Clinton list: a history of glory and legal fight

The List Clinton It was created in the year of 1996 as a means of pressure against the acquisition of illicit moneys, It was included to all companies and individuals linked with the profit from drug trafficking money, applying utmost hardness sanctions that could range from high penalties until a final trade embargo.

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People and the list Clinton recently excluded Colombian companies

Recently, the Government of the United States excluded a large number of Colombian companies and people of the List Clinton. Many of them had been included in this list in the year 2007.

These and other individuals and companies were included in the list of Clinton more than five years ago, What, as once expressed by the head of communications of Copservir (company in the pharmaceutical industry that was included in this list): “It involves a civil and commercial death".

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