Lista Clinton a fondo: what is and how to know if you are included

List Clinton was created in order to incorporate in it the people or companies that have been contact or business with drug lords. It was designed in the year 1995 under the leadership of President Clinton and hence its name.

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United States vs. “The office of Envigado”: the Seine narrows

With the extradition of Ericson Cardona Vargas to the United States, the so-called criminal network “the office of Envigado” It has restructured its dome, and, every time that illegal activity has not ceased, American Justice has shifted focus toward the new Presidents of the criminal organization.

To do this, the Treasury Department has made use of its “Clinton list”, a directory of individuals and companies related to proceeds of drug trafficking.

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The Clinton list and new Colombian members

Recently 12 Colombians were included in the Clinton list, a compilation of people, companies and institutions that are vetoed by the United States Government, by being linked to transactions relating to drug trafficking, as well as the money laundering.

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Consequences of investigations and subpoenas of the OFAC

What are the potential consequences of an investigation of the OFAC?

OFAC sees itself as playing a very important role in protecting the national security of the United States, and therefore it takes its program of sanctions very seriously. Punishes the intentional infringements and those which are purely accidental. When your compliance office deems appropriate, make criminal recommendations to the Department of Justice.

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Collaborate with the OFAC: Companies which have benefited?

Some recent examples suggest that OFAC rewards those who cooperate, with moderate penalties. This is part two of three, in examining the benefits of cooperating with the Office of foreign assets Control (OFAC).

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Potential benefits of cooperating with the OFAC

Recently arrangements in legal proceedings in the civil area have been promoted by the Office of foreign assets Control (OFAC) and these suggest that cover-ups, no crimes, they can lead to strict sanctions.

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What is the system of Management Control and safety - BASC?

BASC System (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce) It consists of implementing a series of elements that extended effectively and safely, they are able to minimize the threats identified in the processes of your organization and supply chain.

It is understood by threat, the latent actions that could damage the organization. To avoid such damage, We must make a ID, analysis and threat assessment in operations and / or activities of the company, so as to identify those that represent a higher risk and give the respective treatment and / or establish controls to eliminate or reduce their impact on the organization.

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la-list-clinton-fundamental human-rights-

Fundamental human rights and the Clinton list

Although the List Clinton It is an important tool for the fight against drug trafficking and money laundering, the truth is that many people are arbitrarily included, i.e., not even sure if they have real ties to this crime.

In Colombia there are many cases of people who appear on the Clinton list and they don't know the reasons, being violated their basic human rights such as the right to work, to education, the good name and even health.

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Included in the Clinton list to “Don Evaristo”

The Treasury Department of the United States recently announced the inclusion of José Evaristo Castillo Linares, alias "Don Evaristo" to the List Clinton as specially designated drug trafficker (SDNT). This measure, Linares goods will be seized and any commercial and financial relationship will be automatically blocked.

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